Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shower Doors

Peninsula Glass Sells and Installs Shower Doors and Bathroom Mirrors

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Peninsula Glass is the Olympic Peninsula's Number One Choice, when it comes to the design and installation of custom shower enclosures. We offer a wide variety of shower doors to fit any budget. Whether you are looking for a basic framed shower door or an elaborate custom enclosure, the best combination of quality, price and service is available only from Peninsula Glass.

We will guide you through the entire process, design, budget and installation. Remember you can trust us with these important details:

Configuration – Where is the shower or tub located in the bathroom? Are the walls made of Sheetrock or tile? Where are the supporting studs? The answers to these questions help determine the maximum weight of the glass that the walls can support.

Shower Head – Make sure the shower head will not spray water out the glass enclosure's door when it is opened with the water turned on. Water should stay inside the enclosure.

Measurements – What may look like a rectangular opening may not be exactly rectangular once it is measured. Enclosures that are not plumb, level, or standard lengths may cost more in materials and installation. Contact our Ding Doctor Glass Services shop and schedule an appointment for an expert measurement so that you get the most value.

Ventilation – If the glass shower enclosure is too high and the ceiling is too low, the shower enclosure will not get enough ventilation. Without ventilation, moisture will build up, paint can peel and mold may grow, especially in a Sheetrock ceiling

A beautiful shower enclosure is the centerpiece of any bathroom. It anchors the room, directs the light, catches the eye, and significantly increases the resale value of your home